COPline training dates & Locations

April 23-27, 2022 
Chicago Illinois

September 7-11, 2022
Freehold, New Jersey

February 2023
Los Angeles, California

May 2023
Irving, Texas

September 2023
Location TBD

April 23-27, 2022 | Chicago, Illinois
September 7-11, 2022 | Freehold, New Jersey
February 2023 | Los Angeles, California
May 2023 | Irving, Texas
September 2023 | Location TBD


In partnership with CopLine, Bank The Blue will fly selected Illinois officers out to an upcoming training of their choice to receive world-class certified active listener training to effectively engage with callers in crisis. For a police officer experiencing personal and work-related stress, the support gained from a fellow officer with shared experiential knowledge can be life changing and life saving.

Active listener training involves 40 hours of mandatory training provided by mental health professionals with expertise in law enforcement stressors as well as hotline personnel who are familiar with hotline methodology.


All applicants must have at least 10 years of full-time service as a sworn law enforcement officer and retired in good standing to apply.

Officers are required to complete an online questionnaire, which will be reviewed by our Director and an additional mental health professional.

Volunteers will be required to submit current identification from their law enforcement agency as part of the vetting process.

After the review has been completed, the volunteer will be contacted by CopLine’s Director and advised if they’ve been accepted.

If accepted, the peer active listener is asked for a commitment of 2 eight-hour shifts per month for a year (volunteers can sign up for more than two shifts per month).


CopLine is the first international law enforcement officers’ hotline that is answered by retired law enforcement officers trained in active listening. Retired law enforcement officers bring knowledge and understanding to calls from officers in distress of the many psychosocial stressors involved with police work.

Active/retired officers and/or their families can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and be assured that there is a trained retired officer on the other end of the line whether the caller is calling while on duty or off. The line is strictly confidential, the caller can remain anonymous and there is no fear of punitive repercussions from initiating the call.

CopLine receives over 300 calls a month. 95% of all calls are from officers wanting to talk to someone that “gets it” on the way in or home from the job, 3% of calls are officers involved in critical incidents on or off the job, and roughly 2% of all calls are made with the intention of it being their last call.

“Cops understand cops. We’ve been exposed to similar situations in our careers. Whether you’re active duty or retired and feel like no one understands what you’re going through, we want to answer your call”. – CopLine Volunteer

Copline Lead Trainers

jay_nagdimon_01 copy
Jay Nagdimon, Ph.D., ABPP
Police Psychologist
LAPD Behavior Science Service
SK Headshot 1
Sandri Kramer
Suicide Prevention Program Director
Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services
Chief Stringham, Charles B. (1)
Charles Stringham (Chuck)
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Stephanie Samuels, MA, MSW, LCSW
Police Psychotherapist
Founder/Director COPLINE, Inc.