Bank The Blue has teamed up with Copline to train Retired Police Officers from Illinois to engage with callers on the daily stressors Officers and their family members experience.

We are requesting your organization’s help in providing life-saving mental health resources for law enforcement officers who serve and protect us every day as well as their families who sacrifice so much as well. As police officer suicides continue to climb at alarming rates, mental health resources for our officers is needed now more than ever.

In partnership with CopLine, Bank The Blue will fly selected Illinois officers out to an upcoming training of their choice to receive world-class certified active listener training to effectively engage with callers in crisis. For a police officer experiencing personal and work-related stress, the support gained from a fellow officer with shared experiential knowledge can be life changing and life saving.

Active listener training involves 40 hours of mandatory training provided by mental health professionals with expertise in law enforcement stressors as well as hotline personnel who are familiar with hotline methodology.

Active listening provided by vetted and trained retired police officers has been proven to be one of the most effective forms of interaction for active law enforcement officers. For a police officer experiencing anything from a “bad day” to a full-blown mental health crisis, the support gained from a retired fellow officer with shared experiential knowledge can be life-saving. This type of active listening has also been shown to have psychological and physical health benefits for both the caller and the call-taker. With your help, we can train more retired officers in the skills they need to provide this crucial support.

The cost of mandatory active listener training can be $1,000 or more for the trainee depending on where in the country the training is being held. Your donation can range from sponsoring an entire class of retired officers or simply making a one-time contribution in an amount of your choice. Any amount helps.

Your tax deductible donation will go directly towards the training of the volunteer retired police officers who will provide the help that is desperately needed by active officers who are dealing with psychosocial stressors both on and off the job.