Bank the Blue helps officers access confidential mental health treatment and support outside their departments. Working with mental health experts, we have compiled a referral list of reputable mental health providers who specialize in treating law enforcement officers and the unique situations they face daily. Recognizing that seeking outside mental health treatment can be daunting, Bank the Blue streamlined the process and made access to respected providers simple.

  • To access the services offered through Bank the Blue, an officer can visit the website and be directly linked to a respected mental health service provider.

  • Bank the Blue compiled a list of providers specially trained in Prolonged Exposure Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, which is used to treat the officers’ unique experiences.

  • The referral list will also include therapists who offer teletherapy and/or online therapy sessions. 

  • Additionally, Bank the Blue’s familiarity with law enforcement insurance plans guarantees that officers can use their benefits to the fullest extent and limit out of pocket expenses, which may encourage officers to seek treatment.

  • Bank the Blue will host group meetings and workshops, led by a therapist from our referral list, to help officers manage workplace stress and trauma.  These will be held at various locations across Cook County. 

In addition to providing access to mental health services, Bank the Blue also established a list of vested peer support persons. All members of the Bank the Blue peer support team are current or retired law enforcement officers, who can relate to job-specific issues officers face. Bank the Blue’s peer support members’ contact information can be accessed through the website.

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