Operation Home Front


Bank The Blue’s crowdfunding platform allows both civilians and law enforcement officers to create campaigns and raise money for causes that are important to them. 

We’ll create a fundraising page on your behalf that you can share with your network and even help you to promote it – all you need to present to us is the idea. 

The process is simple: you submit your proposal to us using our online ‘Create a Campaign’ form. Based on your answers, we’ll generate a unique campaign tab for you. Rally your network to donate directly through site and track the progress of your campaign goals. 

  • Tell us your campaign via our ‘Create a Campaign’ form
  • Include up to 10 photos related to your campaign
  • We’ll create your campaign title and description
  • Track the progress of your campaign goals anytime 
  • Share your campaign with your network 

If the amount that your campaign raises exceeds your goal, any extra funds will be distributed to Bank The Blue’s own current campaign. 


Causes that facilitate the learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits for the greater good of the community.  (Examples: Art, Music, Sculpting, Photography, Painting, Dance, Scholarships, Supplies, Classes, Tutoring)

Causes that are dedicated to the creation or enhancement of the local community through a common need or interest, including community organizing and development. (Examples: Building Renovations, Infrastructure Repairs, Neighborhood Enhancements)

Causes that foster and support recreational, social and educational events designed for enhancing community ties. 
(Examples: Marathons and Walks, Drives, Festivals)

Causes that support the mental, spiritual and physical empowerment of others. 
(Examples: Meals on Wheels, Blood Drives, Wellness Classes)

Causes that contribute to social cohesion and community togetherness through sporting events and activities. 
(Examples: Sports Activities, Sporting Equipment, Stadiums and Arenas)

Causes that provide resources and support to local law enforcement officers and departments. 

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